Philatelic Society of Lancaster County

The James Buchanan Chapter #173 of the American Philatelic Society
Chapter 118 of the American Topical Association


The Society holds three (3) Auctions a year at the Club (Winter, Spring and Autumn). Auctions are for Society Members-only.
However, anyone can join the Society for $10.00 the night of an Auction and get yearly access. Material for sale is broad in scope, from stamps, postal history, albums, ephemera, supplies, etc. – both international and United States. There is always something for everyone at a reasonable price. Why not stop by, grab a paddle and have some fun!

Click to Download a Printable Form PSLC Auction Lot Form

You will receive a numbered paddle when you arrive. Place this number on all your items to be auctioned, and use this paddle during the auction when you are bidding. This will insure that what you buy and what you sell are accurately credited and debited. Be sure that all your lots are accompanied by an accurate and detailed description, as this helps buyers to better understand what they are looking at. Auction lot description forms are emailed to members a few weeks prior to each auction and hard copies will be available the evening of. You may also access the Auction Form on the website. Fiscal transactions will only be made after the last lot has been sold.

The Auction Committee recommends that you: (1) Bring cash to pay for the items you win; (2) Keep a running total during the auction of the items and prices of the lots you sell and win; and (3) Attach your sales information securely to the lots you are entering into the auction (This will help avoid any mis-identification with other sellers’ lots).

Bidding Rules: (1) Minimum bids are $1.00 per lot; (2) The minimum bidding increment is 50¢; (3) Only dues-paying members may participate in the auction; (4) Auction participants are limited to seven (7) lots; and (5) You may also donate items to the club with the realizations going to the benefit of the PSLC. Donations are always appreciated.

1. The better you describe your item, the better it will sell.
2. Recycle your computer paper.
3. Consider setting your print quality to draft.
4. Seven lot limit per person with a $1.00 starting bid.