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Philatelic Society of Lancaster County

The James Buchanan Chapter #173 of the American Philatelic Society
Chapter 118 of the American Topical Association

The Stamp Insider™ Archive

What follows are excerpts of Society articles appearing in past issues. As of January 2019, The Stamp Insider is no longer being published. Importantly, Al Starkweather has agreed to keep the website active so that visitors can read past issues, accessible HERE.

The Stamp Insider, January-April 2018, Vol. 32, No. 3-4, pg. 67
The Stamp Insider, November-December 2017, Vol. 32, No. 2, pg. 67
The Stamp Insider, September-October 2017, Vol. 32, No. 1, pg. 68
The Stamp Insider, July-August 2017, Vol. 31, No. 6, pg. 68
The Stamp Insider, May-June 2017, Vol. 31, No. 5, pg. 68
The Stamp Insider, March-April 2017, Vol. 31, No. 4, pg. 68

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