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Society Photo Journal

This page contains images of Society events throughout the years, e.g, Holiday Dinner, Club Meetings, Guest Lecturers, Picnics and other events. If you have images to share, please contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo.

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2020-02 Dr. Charles J. DiComo shares an 1856 Postal History Detective Story
On February 12, 2020 47 members and guests were treated to a lecture by Dr. Charles J. DiComo entitled PDF Mini-Icon “From the U.S. to Farther India & Back Again. A Five Month Journey of a Baptist Missionary Cover in 1856-1857. The Challenge: Determining the Rates and Routes”. This was a detective story of an 1856 cover with 20+ cancellations and manuscript markings. The challenge was to determine the journey this cover took from Warren, Ohio to Farther India (Burma) and back again, arriving at the Baptist Mission in Boston after 5 months. Charles eloquently revealed the cancels, followed the routes and rates and deciphered the transit, as well as sharing the human story of the Reverend Alfred Satterlee, his wife and newborn daughter. All this was accomplished using numerous resources: personal philatelic references; online databases, philatelic auction catalogs; digital manipulation software; and by contacting colleagues. There was also the usual business meeting, with Treasurer and Membership Chair reports, Lancopex 2020 sign-up sheets, nearly 30+ door prizes, the 50-50 and our monthly bourse.

Paul Petersen also shared with members and guests that our very own Dr. DiComo was the recipient of the Grand Award and Large Gold Award in Literature at the 66th Sarasota National Stamp Expo and Writers Unit 30, which took place February 7-9, 2020. This recognition was for his article entitled PDF Mini-Icon New Plate Flaw Discovery: “Dash and Ink Trail” on 3¢ 1851 Stamp. This original research appeared in The Chronicle of U.S. Postal Issues 259, August 2018 published by the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society. For more info on this award and the Sarasota Palmares, click HERE

2020-01 Winter Auction
On January 8, we held our Winter Auction and it was a grand success with 50 members in attendance, over 125 lots and 70% sold. Everyone was excited to be in our new auction space the High Conference Room at Landis Homes. President DiComo wished all a Happy New Year, opened the session and was presented an APS Article of Distinction Award for 2020 from Paul. Paul then followed with general announcements, the LANCOPEX sign-up clipboards and a special recognition to Fred Sargent. Lou shared the Treasurer’s report and Barbara shared the membership report (currently at 118) and that dues are being accepted. Hal Klein provided snacks and refreshments. From the floor Mike Bach updated us on our friends health in Reading and Reading Stamp Club President David Hunt thanked the PSLC for a club donation. Then the aggressive bidding began – A special thanks to our crack staff of auctioneers (Aaron & Mike); runners (Mark, Robert & Charles); and accounting (Lou & Dick). Our members submitted quality material under our new “rules” and our ambitious members and guests bid energetically and won great lots, with nearly $850 in sales. Treasurer Lou DiFelice shall have the detailed results for our February newsletter. We are anxiously looking forward to the June Auction.

2019-12 Society Holiday Dinner
On December 18, a great time was a had by all at the Garden Cafe at Woodcrest Villa. There were 49 members and guests in attendance. At each place setting was the evening’s PDF Mini-Icon Holiday Dinner Program. There was an excellent cocktail hour, followed by a welcome and blessing by Paul Petersen. The menu and choice of entrees was as outstanding as was the service, and folks are already talking about next year. This years festivities included an optional gift exchange of a philatelic nature – everyone that participated had smiles on their faces. Paul Petersen then recognized the 2020 Society Officers, all of whom posed for a photo-op. Finally, it was time for the special recognition portion of the evening, where we all thanked our colleagues for their any years of service and volunteerism. The success of our Society is due to its’ dedicated members and we do have many. We closed with well wishes and good health for the New Year.

2019-10 David Hunt discusses the Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania
On October 9, 2019, 45+ members and guests were treated to a presentation by David Hunt entitled “The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania – Life Work of the World’s Finest Engraver”. David discussed the early life of Slania in Poland and his longtime partnership with the Swedish Post who produced many of his stamps after he moved there in 1956. Slania was prolific in that he designed and/or engraved 1547 stamps for 32 countries – a record that will probably never be surpassed. He also engraved banknotes and various art pieces. You can view David’s presentation HERE.

2019-09 Autumn Auction
On September 11, the Society held its Autumn Auction. Before we began, President DiComo led a short business meeting, followed by a moving 9/11 remembrance speech by Vin Kneizys and a moment of silence. There were over 50 members and guests in attendance, with 43 registered bidders, 28 actual buyers and 155 lots for sale. Overall the evening was a grand success and all had smiles on their faces with their new acquisitions. A special thanks to our crack staff of auctioneers (Aaron and Mike); runners (Robert and Charles); bookkeepers (Dick and Lou); and host Joe Berlin for the tasty treats and drinks.
The Society would also like to thank Bill Harris, President of the Allentown Philatelic Society, his wife Susan, and Bob Kotanchik, their webmaster (and now PSLC member) for stopping by the club, and for a dinner meeting prior with Dr. DiComo to discuss partnership opportunities between the two Society’s.

2019-07 Roger Brody discusses The U.S. Stamp Series of 1902
On July 10, 2019, 50+ members and guests were treated to a special presentation by Roger Brody entitled “National Identity: The Stamp Series of 1902”. The presentation discussed the development of the first definitive stamp series designed and produced by the Bureau of Engraving & Printing (BEP). Roger is the foremost expert in the U.S. 1902 Series as seen in his exhibition awards, publications, research, presentations, and consultation. It was a learning experience for all with a great Q&A session. We were honored to have him to the club and are already looking forward his return next summer. You can view Roger’s presentation HERE.

2019-06 Paul Petersen and Dr. Charles J. DiComo presenting at APS Summer Session
On June 24, 2019, 20 participants attended an APS Summer Session elective lecture entitled “Using Your Stamp Club Newsletter & Website for Productive Communication and Growth” by Paul Petersen, Editor – PSLC Newsletter and Dr. Charles J. DiComo, Society President, Webmaster & Designer. The purpose of the presentation and accompanying handout was not to describe how to compose an effective newsletter or build and develop a successful website, but to detail how these modes are an asset to both internal and external communication to promote growth of the club and the hobby itself. There were excellent questions throughout and a number of attendees (including our very own Lou DiFelice) stayed an additional 45 minutes for a live demonstration of the administrative portion of the PSLC website and ease of set-up, editing and maintenance. To access both the presentation and handout, click HERE.

2019 Spring Auction
On June 12, 2019 the Society held its Spring Auction and it was a grand success. A special thanks to our crack staff of auctioneers (Aaron & Mike); runners (Robert & Charles); and host George Younes. Our members submitted quality material and our 50 members and guests bid energetically and won some great lots. We all are looking forward to our Autumn Auction in September.

2019-05 Rick Barrett speaking on his book “Buffalo Cinderellas
On May 23, 2019, 25 members and guests we treated to a special presentation by Rick Barrett on his award-winning book Buffalo Cinderellas – The Gentleman, The Huckster and the Pan American Exposition. Rick had books available for sale and autographed all for the purchasers. He also brought his extensive collection of Pan American Exposition materials, from tickets, postal history, post cards, stamps, newspapers, ephemera, etc. Rick’s wife Christine joined us and took video, photographs, and was kind enough to hand out to all attendees the USPS Pan American souvenir sheet issued in 2000. Please do visit Rick’s website or Facebook page more information and to order your copy of this phenomenal book today.

2019-05 Joseph Sullivan speaking on the “The History of Printing on Stamps: A Topical Study”
On May 8, 2019, 50 members and guests were thoroughly entertained by our guest speaker Joseph Sullivan on a topical study on “The History of Printing on Stamps”. Joe is a lifelong, worldwide stamp collector with special interest in the graphic arts and printing as related to philately. He is also a serious collector of Poster Stamps. Joe is a member of the APS, ATA, Baltimore Philatelic Society, Graphics Philately Association, and Europa Study Unit. He is the editor of and contributor to Philateli-Graphics, the award-winning quarterly journal of the Graphics Philately Association. Within the last year, he created the website where he writes regularly about philatelic topics that particularly interest him (and hopefully you too, so check it out.) Joe is also an ATA Ambassador and annual participant in Volunteer Week at the APS. Enjoy!

2019-04 Bill Schultz speaking on the “Joys of Philately”
On April 10, 2019, nearly 60 members and guests were treated to an informal discussion on the Joys of Philately by Bill Schultz; philatelic judge, writer, speaker, collector, curator, and more than 50 year exhibitor. We opened the session with a music video of a rendition of “Unchained Melody” by the Alle Orchester bei der Musikschau der Nationen recorded in 2002 in Bremen. Bill then followed with an overview of postal history, postal systems, the movement of mail via different modes of transportation (water, rail, horseback), discussed cancels and devices, and the postal rates and stamps that covered the cost of this enterprise. Bill then passed around the room his wonderful exhibit pages of covers and letters from West Chester, PA. Moreover, Bill introduced a Single-Frame Exhibit on “Ft. Delaware POW’s Postal History”. This newly-created exhibit which Bill helped to curate for a collector, contained many unique items sent from the Fort by Confederate (and Union traitor) prisoners of war during the Civil War. The material was rare and unique and has never been exhibited before. A most enjoyable evening was had by all – We are looking forward to Bill’s next visit!

2019-04 The North Museum & Philatelic Society Launch the “Passport to Discovery”
On April 1, 2019, The North Museum of Nature and Science in conjunction with the Philatelic Society of Lancaster County has developed a new program for its young guests. The “Passport to Discovery” program features an all-color booklet that includes spaces for the children to match up cancelled commemorative postage stamps with displays in the Museum.

Children will be given the opportunity to search through boxes of cancelled postage stamps to find a match to the clues given in their “Passport to Discovery” booklets. They may then paste the stamps they find into their “Passport to Discovery” booklet in the space allotted. For instance, there is a space inside the booklet for “dinosaurs.” They may find several stamps dedicated to “dinosaurs” which they may paste in the space in their booklet. There will be prizes awarded for those who finish their booklets. This unique, fun activity is intended to introduce children to the hobby of stamp collecting and give them another new way to explore North Museum. Cost of the “Passport to Discovery” booklets is $5.00 each plus admission to the Museum and the program will last through August 2019.

The North Museum is located on the corner of Buchanan and College Avenues in Lancaster and is open year-round (10:00 am-5:00 pm Mondays-Saturdays; Sundays 12:00 pm-5:00 pm) and features world-class collections of rocks, minerals, and birds as well as an active glass-enclosed beehive, a dinosaur gallery, coding corner, state-of-the-art planetarium and a live animal room.

The Philatelic Society of Lancaster County is an award-winning, non-profit community organization dedicated to promoting stamp collecting as a hobby for education and fun, from the teenager to adult, from the beginner to postal historian, serving members from Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, York, Harrisburg, Hershey and beyond.

2019-02 Robert Witkosky discussing Bosnian Philately
On February 13, we were treated to a presentation by Robert “Bob” Witkosky. Over 60 members and guests were in attendance. Bob is retired from the U.S. Air Force and the DoD as an analyst. He is now a part-time philatelic dealer specializing in worldwide covers. Bob’s personal collecting interest is Bosnian philately, stamps and postal history. As background, at the start of WWI, Bosnian postal authorities employed their first use of semi-postal stamps by overprinting the 5 Heller & 10 Heller values of the 1906 Views issue stamps (Scott #B1 & B2). The overprints consisted of the year (1914), an additional value (7 Heller or 12 Heller), and four small squares. Bob passed around page after page of stamps, with multiples, perforation varieties, overprints, semi-postal’s, and covers. There were plenty of questions – and a few members brought their own Bosnian stamps for sharing. We hope to see Bob in the near future for Part II.

2019 Some Sunday Stamp Show
On February 10 at the Farm & Home Center was the winter meet-up of the Some Sunday Stamp Show, hosted by our very own Kevin Kellman. PSLC Members and Guests from as far as Maryland were in attendance to search through 8 dealers stock. A silent auction with well over 75 lots was a success, as was the ever popular free pizza and soft drinks. I hope all in attendance walked away with a new find for their research and collections. See you at the next Show.

2019 Winter Auction
On January 9, the Society held our Winter Auction and it was a grand success. We were excited to be in our new meeting space at Landis Homes in the Crossings Meeting Room. A special thanks to our crack staff of auctioneers (Aaron and Mike); runners (Mark, Robert and Charles); and host Tony Coccio. Our members submitted quality material and our ambitious members and guests bid energetically and won some great lots. There were a total of 145 lots presented for sale. Of those lots, 114 were sold and the total sales amounted to over $1,000. We look anxiously looking forward to our Spring Auction.

2018-12 Society Holiday Dinner
A great time was a had by all on December 19 at the Garden Cafe at Woodcrest Villa. There was an excellent cocktail hour and sit down meal. The menu and choice of three entrees was as outstanding as the service, and folks are already talking about next year. At each place setting was the evening’s program and menu. Favors from the Dinner Committee included the ATA Checklist for Cranberries on Stamps and a USPS souvenir sheet of this year’s Santa Claus stamp, the one with the labeled coke bottle in the selvage.

This years entertainment was something new, the reading of the contents from among covers that we have accumulated, some containing letters. These turned out to be poignant, interesting, and in a few cases, very funny. In addition, we had two last minute donations to add to the festivities: the North Museum of Nature & Science Gift Basket and a Pinot Gris with a special postage stamp label – which was auctioned for the PSLC treasury. Finally, we announced the 2019 Society Officers. We look forward to see each of you next year!

2018 Society Picnic at Memorial Park
On August 8th the Philatelic Society of Lancaster County held its Annual Picnic at Memorial Park in Millersville, PA. There were over 40 members and guests, the weather was sunny and warm, with great food, drink and conversation. And nothing like a Scott #39 – 90 Cent sheet cake… Thank you to all that attended and volunteered with set-up, cooking and breakdown!

2018-05 Dr. Paul Petersen discussing the ATA, Topicals and Thematic Collecting
On May 9th, we were treated to a presentation prepared by Vera Felts, Executive Director of the American Topical Association, of which your Society is ATA Chapter #118. Vera unfortunately could not attend and sent her regards. In her stead, our very own Dr. Paul Petersen skillfully and entertainingly delivered the lecture on the State Symbols of Pennsylvania on Stamps. I know we have many club members who already specialize in a variety of subjects – it is very rewarding as well as challenging. The extent of collecting areas is limitless. Now is the time – just pick your favorite subject or theme and forge ahead! And while you are at it, consider joining the ATA.

2018 Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) Lecture Series
What follows are select images from the Chester County Historical Society’s Lecture Series and Philatelic Exhibition that ran from December 2017 through April 2018. On April 14, 2018, 35+ attendees were enlightened by pre-eminent Postal Historian and award-winning Champion of Champions Philatelic Exhibitor Dr. John Barwis on The Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Area’s Pre-Eminence as a Postal Communication Center. An amazing journey through history and what a way to close out the You’ve Got Mail Series. Enjoy!

2018 Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) Exhibition Highlights
From December 2017 through April 2018, the Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) held a seminal Philatelic Lecture Series called “You’ve Got Mail” in West Chester, PA. This was made possible by our friend Bill Schultz, longtime Exhibitor, Accredited APS Judge and Board member of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors.

In addition, Bill co-curated a first of its kind CCHS Philatelic Exhibition with items donated from the philatelic community. Also on display for the first time in nearly 80 years was the exhibit of Robert Brinton (1888-1946) of the Westtown School Local Post, containing 101 such examples. In 1941, this won the Grand Award at the 9th Annual Exhibition “Y” Stamp Club, Wilmington, DE and was re-discovered by Bill Schultz at the CCHS.

Here we show a few of the key items from this amazing Exhibition. Thank you again for generous donations and efforts of all involved, especially Bill Schultz.

2018 Renown Postal Historian and Exhibitor Bill Schultz Visits the PSLC
On April 10th, 2018 the PSLC was informed and entertained by renowned postal historian Bill Schultz. He addressed the pros and cons of grading philatelic exhibits using a newly revised numeric system. Bill discussed the background for developing such a rating system and assess how it has fared after 15 months in place. Is it good news or bad news?

Bill has been an exhibitor since the early 1960’s and has served as an accredited APS judge for many years. Most recently he was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, just recognition for his service in this area. Many in PSLC are familiar with Bill for his role in curating the outstanding postal history exhibit at the Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) with its corresponding program of world class speakers and researchers entitled “You’ve Got Mail.” This was a series of eight presentations examining the many fascinating aspects of postal history, which began in December 2017 and ran through April 2018.

While most collectors do not exhibit competitively, this activity is an important element of the hobby, helping collectors learn and view new material. While some think that exhibiting is all about deep pockets, it does not always have to be. As important is the research into the printing and other production issues, policy making, postal history and geography, routes & rates, and so much more. Along with dealers and collectors, exhibitors form the three-legged stool of philately, which is so necessary for advancement.

2018 Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) Lecture Series
What follows are a few select images from the Chester County Historical Society’s Lecture Series and Philatelic Exhibition that ran from December 2017 through April 2018. On March 24, 2018, 40+ attendees of all ages were entertained by preeminent U.S. Postal Historian and Award-winning Exhibitor Robert G. Rose, Esq., who regaled us with an overview of United States Mails from its earliest days without stamps, otherwise known as the Stampless Era. An amazing journey through history. Enjoy!

2018 APS Executive Director Scott English pays a Visit to the PSLC
On March 14th, 2018, the PSLC welcomed Scott English, Executive Director of the American Philatelic Society (APS) to our monthly membership meeting as part of his #StampTour2018. We thank him for visiting (and his lovely wife Kendra) and for a great meal, dynamic conversation, an informative presentation, Q&A session and the APS neck tie which will be worn with pride. We are proud to be the James Buchanan Chapter of the APS, actively participating in the new direction Scott and his team are taking the hobby. We even signed up a few of our members to the APS. Scott is also a PSLC member and is always welcome back.

2018 Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) Lecture Series
What follows are a few select images from the Chester County Historical Society’s Lecture Series and Philatelic Exhibition that ran from December 2017 through April 2018. On January 20, 2018, 50+ attendees of all ages were entertained by the preeminent U.S. Colonial Postal Historian Dr. Timothy O’Connor (as Dr. Benjamin Franklin) who regaled us with an overview of the American Postal System from its earliest days up to the Revolution. An amazing journey through history. Enjoy!

2017 Annual Holiday Dinner
What follows are a few select images from the Society 2017 Annual Holiday Dinner for Members, Guests and Friends. A great time was a had by all, with an excellent cocktail hour and sit down meal; a gift exchange; an award ceremony; a thank you to our outgoing President Doug Milliken for a job well done; a keynote speaker; and the presentation of the 2018 Society Officers. We hope to see you next year!

In Memoriam: A few days before LANCOPEX 2017, we reported with great sadness the passing of Jack Ott, longtime philatelist, stamp and cover dealer and appraiser. He was loved and respected by all that knew him. The PSLC will miss his smile and funny stories. We send our condolences to his family and many friends.

2010 Annual Holiday Dinner
Some great photos from the Society archive, club members and friends at the 2010 Annual Holiday Dinner. From the look of it, all are having a great time.

1997 Society Meeting Private Sale
On September 11, 1997 the Philatelic Society of Lancaster County (PSLC) at the club hosted the sale of a private collection through Marilyn Shirley to members and friends.

1997 Club Meeting Private Sale
Pictured L->R: Mark King, Donna Devine, John Ford, Bill Greiner, Dick Colberg, Linda Kurtz, Trudy Greiner, Bob Stevenson, Ben Heller, Dick Shafer, Don Weber, Jim Boyles, Mary Husson, Reid Slick, Pete Billis, Marilyn Shirley, Mike Shirley, & Lucy Eyster.