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The links are listed alphabetically by topic and/or category. This is not an exhaustive listing. If you have a philatelic, numismatic or other useful link you would like to share, please contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo.

Airmail & Aerophilately

Aerodacious Aviation + Audacious = Aerodacious. Carrying mail by state-of-the-art aircraft flown by audacious pilots linked U.S. cities together. The aerodacious significance of air mail and the development of the postal service allowed man’s foremost desire to get his written message delivered quickly to the outposts in the U.S. and beyond. Progress AND transportation were driven by the influence of the mail.
Catapultmail Mail sent by an Aeroplane, which is launched from a ship, while the ship is still at sea.
FIP Commission on Aerophilately FISA promotes & defends Aerophilately & Astrophilately in the international world of philately.
Hindenburg Crash Mail The German Zeppelin Hindenburg made sixty-three flights, including ten round-trips to the United States in 1936. It met tragedy May 6, 1937.
Inverted Jenny The World’s Most Famous Stamp: History of the First U.S. Government Airmail; Production of First U.S. Airmail Stamp; Robey’s Discovery at the Post Office; Sale Records of the 100 Inverted Jennys; Owners Biographies & Stories; Virtual Plating of the Pane of 100.

Chat Boards & Blogs

PhilaMercury An online image and description database for U.S. covers that is free, open-access, and non-commercial. Collectors and dealers can upload images and add to the fully searchable postal history database. It can be used for research, as an imaged record of a collection, or to list covers available for purchase. Additionally, the Frajola Board For Philatelists is a public discussion forum where philatelists from around the world can chat and ask questions.
New York 19th Century Postal History Blogger
New York 20th & 21st Century Postal History Blogger
Spared and Shared 5 Saving history, one letter at a time…Blog containing mostly 19th century letters research and translated.
Stamp Collecting Round-Up Blog Interesting News, Resources, & Links about Stamps, Stamp Collecting & Postal Operations.
StampSite -Talking About Stamps This website and blog is about enjoying stamps and sharing that enjoyment. Joseph Sullivan is a lifelong stamp collector and created this website to share his thoughts about stamps, start conversations, and hopefully attract new collectors to philately.

Expertizing Agencies

American Philatelic Expertizing Service APEX offers opinions on the genuineness of philatelic material at moderate cost. APEX utilizes the services of more than 120 specialists and a variety of high-tech equipment to provide guaranteed opinions. Anyone may submit material to the service, but APS members receive discounted rates.
Philatelic Foundation Central source for expertise in philately via a certification service, reference collection, & publications.
Professional Stamp Experts PSE authenticates and gradesfor United States, U.S. Possessions, Confederate States of America, stamps, covers, postal stationery, and Back-of-Book material.

Libraries, Encyclopedias, Publications

American Philatelic Research Library The APRL has one of the world’s largest and most accessible collections of philatelic literature. It’s nearly three miles of shelving contain more than 23,000 book titles and 5,700 journal titles.
David Straight Memorial Philatelic Union Catalog Philatelic Library Holdings & Article Index hosted by the American Philatelic Research Library.
Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center At the Boston Public Library, Digital Collections. American Revolutionary War Era Maps, Boston & New England Maps, Maritime Charts & Atlases, Urban Maps.
Global Philatelic LibraryThe GPL is an initiative to provide a consolidated listing of philatelic publications, archives, museum items etc. held by libraries. So far 27 libraries have contributed their listings.
Historic Map Works Formed to create a historic digital map database of North America and the world.
New York Public Library Digital Collections Explore 754,059 items digitized from the NYPL collections, a living database with new materials added every day, featuring prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more.
New York Public Library Digital Collections – New York City Directories
New York State Historic Newspapers The NYS Historic Newspapers project provides free online access to a wide range of newspapers chosen to reflect New York’s unique history.
Philatelic Encyclopedia The Collectors Club of Chicago’s (CCC) Philatelic Encyclopedia, a living document, is a team endeavor to assemble in a single basic information source a comprehensive compendium for all of the information available representing philately’s various spheres of collecting. It includes documentation for the terminology associated within the many collecting aspects of philatelia, ranging from the most basic concepts of the hobby, to the most complex and esoteric.
Philatelic Publications and Reference Material Philatelics.Org listing of various publications (Great Britain, Australia, etc. arranged by Author).
Philatelic Words & Phrases Translated into Other Languages
The David Rumsey Map Collection Database and Blog Containing over 83,000 historical maps and images online – includes rare 16th through 21st century maps of America, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific, Arctic, Antarctic, and the World.
Stamp Insider Online Essential Information for philatelists, published digitally six times per year by the non-profit Federation of New York Philatelic Societies, Inc.
Stamp Smarter Philatelic Library Philatelic Learning Center – Articles on ‘How To’, Stamp Manufacturing, Collecting, and ID, as well as videos.


Canadian Postal Museum Enhancing knowledge, understanding & appreciation of events, experiences, people & objects that reflect & have shaped Canada’s history & identity.
National Postmark Museum Museum provides education about postmarks & preserves postmark history.
Smithsonian National Postal Museum Resources on U.S. and world philatelic & postal history collections and a comprehensive library on philately & postal history.
Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History Resource of philatelic collections, provides educational programs & activities for collectors, researchers & historians.


Associations, Chapters & Clubs

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
American Revenue Association
American Topical Association
Asheville Stamp Club
Auxiliary Markings Club
Berlin Postal Stationery Collectors Club (BGSV)
British Thematic Association UK
Collectors Club of Chicago
Confederate Stamp Alliance (CSA)
Errors, Freaks, & Oddities (EFO) Collectors’ Club
First Issues Collectors Club
French Association of Collectors of Postal Stationery
Graphics Philately Association
Perfins Club
The PhilateliKid
Royal Sydney Philatelic Club
Texas Precancel Club
U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, NY Chapter (USPCS-NY)
Virtual Stamp Club
Westfield Stamp Club – NJ


American Air Mail Society
American First Day Cover Society
American Philatelic Society
American Plate Number Single Society
Australian Philatelic Society
British Society for Japanese Philately
Carriers & Locals Society (CLS) – U.S.
Ephemera Society of America
International Society for Collectors of Revenue Stamps & Documents
International Society for Japanese Philately
Meter Stamp Society
Metropolitan Air Post Society (MAPS)
Military Postal History Society
Mobile Post Office Society – U.S.
Postal History Society (PHS)
Precancel Stamp Society (PSS)
Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC)
Society of Collectors of Postal Stationery Italy
State Revenue Society – U.S.
U.S. Philatelic Classics Society (USPCS)
United Postal Stationery Society (UPSS)
United States Stamps Society (USSS)
Universal Ship Cancellation Society (USCS)
Western Cover Society
The Wreck & Crash Mail Society

Societies – U.S. Cities & States

Baltimore Philatelic Society
Chester County Historical Society – PA (CCHS)
Colorado Postal History Society
Dakota Postal History Society
Eastern Pennsylvania Precancel Society (EPPS)
Historic New England
Illinois Postal History Society
New Jersey Postal History Society Online (NJPHS)
Patterson Historical Society (PHS) – NY
Pennsylvania Postal History Society
Strasburg Heritage Society – PA
Texas Postal History Society
Vermont Philatelic Society

Societies – Countries of the World

American Helvetia Philatelic Society
Bermuda Collectors Society
British Air Mail Society
British North America Philatelic Society – Canada
British Society for Japanese Philately
Channel Islands Specialists’ Society
China Philatelic Society of London
China Stamp Society
Federation of the Italian Philatelic Societies
France & Colonies Philatelic Society (UK)
Germany Philatelic Society
The Great Britain Philatelic Society
International Society of World Wide Stamp Collectors
Korea Stamp Society – U.S.
Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada
International Philippine Philatelic Society Bibliography
Postal Stationery Society of Australia (PSSA)
The Postal Stationery Society of United Kingdom
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Royal Philatelic Society of London – UK
Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand
Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria – Australia
Society of Israel Philatelists (SIP)
Tasmanian Philatelic Society (TPS)

Study Circles & Groups

Belgian Congo Study Circle
Egypt Study Circle
Rhodesian Study Circle
Variable Value Stamps Study Group (ATEEME)
West Africa Study Circle
Western Australia Study Group (WASG)
Zeppelin Study Group
Michigan Postal History

Perfins (Perforated Initials) or SPIFS (Stamps Perforated with Initials of Firms & Societies)

Perfin Stamps of Australia Devoted to the study of Perfins found on Australian Postage, Revenue & Railway stamps.
Perfins on the Stamps of Cuba Rudy Roy’s pictorial exhibition of Cuban perforated insignia stamps.
The Story about Danish PERFINs Stamps Perforated by Initials of Firms and Society’s, PERForated INitials, By Toke Nørby.
Online Danish Perfin Catalog
Danzig Perfins
Finnish Perfins Postal History from Finland 1889 – 1918, including Perfins.
French Merson Perfins
Great Britain Official Perfins The Official Perfins of the Queen Victoria Period, Board of Trade.
Hong Kong Perfins
Italian Perfins Also includes Italian advertising telegrams catalogue, Postal Meters cancellations, etc.
King George V Silver Jubilee – Perfins
Netherlands Perfin Club
Perfins on the Stamps of Mexico
Spanish-Philippine Perfins
Toke Nørby’s Perfin Pages & History
Railroad Perfins of the USA A display of rail-related “perfins” collected, mounted & annotated by Dexter C. Wright.
U.S. Perfin Covers


Africa, Asia & Pacific Nations

The Australian Philatelic Federation The APF supports organised philately in Australia. Website contains info about the APF, Exhibitions & results, useful information for collectors, Exhibition paper, protectors, official Souvenirs, State Councils and Clubs, etc.
Philately in Egypt Resource for all things related to Egypt Philately.
Manchukuo Stamps Collection, 1932 to 1947A collection of Manchuckuo philately from the Manchurian region of North Eastern China ruled by the Japanese puppet government of H. I. H. Henry Pu-Yi, subsequently Emperor Kang-teh, between 1932 and 1945.

Britain & Commonwealth Nations

British Imprimatur Sheets Provides pictures (in B&W) of Imprimatur sheets as an aid to plating; pages show sheets as they exist (sometimes in sections 5 rows at a time), with details of missing impressions (with links to items where they have been traced), and details of the colour, watermark position and if the impressions show an ivory head on the rear.
British Postmarks A British Postmark database containing 21169 places or variations of which 17820 have pictures (~84.1%).
Ireland Overprints Identification Stamps of Great Britain (King George V) overprinted for use in Ireland. A fully illustrated guide to the printings and variations. From an original idea by David Petley-Jones.
Jersey Post Established in 1969, & incorporated from the local government in 2006, Jersey Post now operates a network of 21 post offices across the island.
Great Britain Machins Are you a “Machin Nut” like I am? Then enjoy the over 1,700 varieties identified here for collectors of the Great Britain Machins, updated often, by Robin Harris.
Guernsey Post The Bailiwick of Guernsey is made up of a number of main islands as well as a few smaller islets. It is situated in the English Channel and, although Guernsey is geographically much closer to France than the UK, it is loyal to the British crown.
Philatelic Web Assortment of primarily British databases on references, postmarks, circulars, imprimaturs, collections, etc.
“Specimen” Stamps Dedicated to British Commonwealth UPU “Specimen” Stamps.

British North America

Canada & Newfoundland – Robert H. Pratt Stamp Collection Images Collection of ~4300 slides given to the to the Collectors Club of Chicago, digitized with help of Clarence A. Stillions and British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) support.
Canada – Guide to the Admiral Stamps Reference articles on all aspects of the King George V Issue of 1911, by Randall W. Van Someren.
Canada’s Inland Revenue and Postal War Tax Stamps did not Finance its War Expenditures during the First World War What purpose did the Admiral War Tax stamps actually serve? by Christopher D. Ryan.
Canadian Philately, Information for the Discerning Collector Info on Postal Rates, Elizabethan-era Glossary, Tagging Error Database, What ultraviolet light do I use? etc., by Robin Harris.
Canadian Philately, On-Line Tagging Dabatase & Catalogue An up-to-date listing of all reported tagging errors available for searching. This info was gathered by John Jamieson of Saskatoon Stamp Centre and Mirko Zatka. Administered by Robin Harris.
Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation Resources to encourage and promote research in the fields of Canadian philately & postal history.

Europe & Scandinavia

French Internment Camps 1939-1944 Philatelic and historical study by Michel Annet.
Memel Postal Rates 1919-1945 The Klaipeda Region or Memel Territory was defined by the Treaty of Versailles in 1920 and refers to the most northern part of the German province of East Prussia, when as Memelland it was put under the administration of the Council of Ambassadors.

General Philately

Alphabetilately Sharing the joy & fascination of stamp & postal history collecting to non-collectors & collectors alike via the Alphabet.
American Philatelic Congress Provides philatelic researchers the opportunity to present written, original research papers.
Barney’s Stamps Digital Library Free Resource of Useful Philatelic References, Journals, How To’s, etc.
Colnect Easily manage your personal collections, from A to Z.
Exploring Stamps YouTube Channel Stamp Collecting is still the most popular hobby in the world. Learn about the world through sorting postage stamps. The current series takes just one postage stamp per episode and in a short few minutes, will take you on a journey of discovery.
Federation of European Philatelic Associations
Fight Against Fakes and Forgeries Commission of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP).
FIP Postal Stationery Commission Provides information on the FIP Commission – names of delegates, notices of meetings, etc.
The Thomas L. Gravell Watermark Archive A collection of photographic reproductions of over 7,000 watermarks in paper made between 1400 and 1835 available as a searchable online electronic database.
Officially Sealed Mails of the World Resource dedicated to the study of Post Office Seals from U.S. & Abroad.
The Overprint Encyclopedia An excellent A to Z resource for identifying those hard to determine overprints on your stamps.
Postmarks & Cancellations – An Overview A Presentation covering Postmarks, Cancellations, Handstamps, Machine Usage, Collecting Ideas & Reference Materials.
retroReveal Retroactively revealing lost content manuscripts, music, art, archaeology, and architecture. For the philatelist, a great resource to reveal details and cancellations on stamps and postal history.
Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. America’s Premier Stamp Auctioneer Since 1930.
Stamp Collecting World A Philatelic & Stamp Collecting Information Database.
Stamp Morten Munck created to solve the problem of stamp forgeries, to display all forgeries ever created next to a genuine stamp for easy comparison. To Date: 225 Countries; 6661 high resolution images. Goal: Cover all countries; 15000+ high resolution images.
Stamps Are Art Resource for Protection, Preservation & Care of Your Paper-Based Collections, learn the 4 P’s.
Stampworld CATALOGUE The largest on-line stamp catalogue.
Telegraph Stamps of the World An update & continuation of the work done by Steve Hiscocks on Telegraph & Telephone stamps of the world by Steve Panting.
U.P.U Postal Administrations This list allows postal customers from around the world to seek general information on rates, postal codes or other mailing matters concerning the international postal service.
Yvert & Tellier Buy online all the stamps of France, China, Monaco, Andorra, New Caledonia, Polynesia, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, TAAF…and enjoy special offers permanently on a large number stamps.

Maritime: Ships, Packets, Vessels & Sailing News

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Online, searchable database containing 17,000+ Passenger Manifests in 17 Volumes, plus numerous other passengers listed in Special Projects.
Lloyd’s List Newspapers 1771-1826 Lloyd’s List is one of the world’s oldest continuously running journals, having provided weekly shipping news in London as early as 1734. It was published daily until 2013 (when issue 60,850 was published), and in constantly updated digital format only since then. This access provided by the Hathi-Trust Library.
Lloyd’s List Newspapers 1827-1869 Lloyd’s List is one of the world’s oldest continuously running journals, having provided weekly shipping news in London as early as 1734. It was published daily until 2013 (when issue 60,850 was published), and in constantly updated digital format only since then. This access provided by the USPCS.
Magellan – The Ships Encyclopedia Extensive online searchable database of Ship Biographies, Ship Pictures and Ship Manifests from A-Z (1800-1900’s).
The Maritime Heritage Project The Maritime Nations ~ 1800s, Ships, Passengers, Captains, Merchants, Merchandise, etc.
The Maritime History Virtual Archives Biographies, Ships, Ship Models, Ship Building, Seamanship, Naval History, Harbors, Images, etc.
Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1820-1897 This National Archive’s micro-publication M237, has been digitized & made available free on the Internet at FamilySearch Historical Record Collections & Internet Archive.
Schoonerman Schooners & Tall Sailing Ships searchable database.
The Wreck Site World largest online wreck database, with 182.070 wrecks & 159.870 positions, 59.300 images, 2310 maritime charts, 30.400 ship owners & builders, etc.

Numismatics: Coins, Paper Currency, & Medals. One of largest websites for the world bank note collector.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing Resources for the Numismatist who studies and/or collects currency, coins, tokens & paper money.
Dead Country Stamps and Banknotes Featuring histories, stamps and banknotes from countries that no longer exist.

Stamp Shows

Stamp Show List No. 1 Source for Stamp Shows Worldwide & The Stamp Yellow Pages Directory.
iStampShows A network for Stamp Shows, Dealers and Stamp Clubs across the Country.

Stamp Pages – “Make Your Own”

Stamp Album Pages – Free Download A selection of U.S. and International pages, Created by William E. Steiner, Brought to you by WESComp Systems and The Hamilton Stamp Club, Ontario, Canada.
Stamp Album Pages – Free U.S. Produced by the Philosateleian, the U.S. Stamp Album is a collection of free PDF downloadable stamp album pages, which is updated four times each year to ensure your album contains spaces for the newest U.S. stamps.
Stamp Album Pages – Free Make-Your-Own Created by Kevin Blackston, this site makes creating stamp album pages easy. Simply choose your page settings, enter a caption, width, and height for each of your stamps. When everything is just the way you want it, click the “Generate PDF” button to download your page.
War Department Papers A digital archive that unites copies of lost files that reconstitutes the invaluable historical papers of the U.S. War Department, 1784-1800.

United States

Arkansas Postal History Website Dedicated to the accumulation and dissemination of information about the Postal System in Arkansas and in Indian Territory.
Atlas of Township Warrantee Maps, Lancaster County Atlas contains 41 Township Warrantee Maps produced by Pennsylvania Land Office in 1930s showing location of earliest landowners.
Broome County New York Postal History An Ever Evolving Endeavor to collect examples for the 159 physical post offices in Broome County (w/spelling differences, 176).
Confederate Stamps & Postal History Provenance A database of CSA stamps and postal history showing the record of ownership from its earliest existence, a chain of custody which helps establish pedigree and authenticity.
Confederate States Catalog & Handbook The seminal work on all things Confederate States of America-related.
Connecticut Postal History
Letters from Forgotten Ancestors, pre-1920 Letters Early U.S. Domestic Postal Rates – Colonial to 1920.
Local Mail Posts in the United States A Bibliography of Items in the National Postal Museum Library of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
The 1940’s: A Decade of Stamps Ten stellar Exhibits by Thomas Nichols that cover the post-great depression era, World War II and the post-world War II era all in one decade. Tom accomplishes an all-inclusive collection of the different types of postal material published over this varied decade of turmoil and new beginnings in order to better understand how U.S. philately was affected by those world events.
Post Office Finder U.S. Postal Service Department (USPOD) searchable database for Post Offices by State listed alphabetically.
U.S. Post Offices, 1789-1875 Detailed listing with 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Assistant Postmasters General. Comprehensive, excellent resource, by Don Heller, 2018.
The Prexies – 1938 Presidential Series Resource which illustrates each denomination, provides production data, & information concerning principal multiples & solo uses.
Revenue Collector Covering all things U.S. Revenues, Documents, Stock Certificates, descriptions, images, references, etc.
Stamp Plating of the 3¢ U.S. Imperforate Stamp of 1851-1857 J. Bryan O’Doherty’s computerized database-driven environment to help plate the 2,600 positions of this stamp, and much more.
U.S. 1¢ Franklin Plating Archive Richard Doporto’s online depository of images, organized by plate number and position for the U.S. 1¢ Ben Franklin Stamp, 1851-1861 Issues. Also offers identification & certification service.
U.S. Postal Bulletins Digital access to the U.S. Postal Bulletins & U.S. Postal Laws & Regulation (PL&R).
U.S. Postal Service The Postal Service-200+ years since Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General in 1775.
U.S. Revenues – What the R’s Are Resources for Scott-listed U.S. Revenue stamps, Civil War Revenue Stamped Paper, Private Die Proprietary, & Tax-Paid Issues.

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