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This page affords the opportunity for sharing. It houses presentations that our members and guests have given over the years at the Club as part of our Lecture Series. They have been kindly provided with permission and the contents remain the property of the author. Sharing of information and advancing knowledge of stamps and the postal history of Lancaster County and beyond by means of educational and historical research is a key tenant of the Society. Contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo if you would like to share.

The Development of Perforations on U.S. Postage Stamps During the Toppan, Carpenter Era, 1855 – 1857, by Charles J. DiComo, PhD (2019-11 at the Reading Stamp Collectors Club; 2019-09 at The Greater Philadelphia Stamp & Collectors Club)

The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania – Life Work of the World’s Finest Engraver, by David Hunt (2019-10-09)

“National Identity – The Stamps Series of 1902”, by Roger Brody (2019-07-10)

Using Your Stamp Club Newsletter & Website for Productive Communication and Growth, by Paul Petersen and Dr. Charles J. DiComo, APS 2019 Summer Seminar Elective, and accompanying Handout (2019-06-24)

“History Of Printing as Portrayed On Stamps: A Topical Study, by Joseph Sullivan (2019-05)

“From the U.S. to Farther India & Back Again. A Five Month Journey of a Baptist Missionary Cover in 1856-1857. The Challenge: Determining the Rates and Routes”, by Dr. Charles J. DiComo (2019-05 @Reading Stamp Collectors Club)

“The New York Postmaster Provisional Stamp of 1845”, presented at Club (2019-03-13)

“The Development of Perforations on U.S. Postage Stamps: 1855-1857.”: An Abbreviated Overview, by Charles J. DiComo, PhD (2018-11)

“Czeslaw Slania – Master Engraver”, by David Hunt (2018-11)

“The 1940’s: A Decade of Stamps”, by Tom Nichols (2018-10)

“Banking in Pawling, New York: In the Village and Surrounding Townships, 1849 – 1929” (9MB), by Charles J. DiComo, PhD (2018-08 @Reading)

“The Schuylkill Navigation (aka The Schuylkill Canal) – A Picture Postcard Journey Downriver” (10MB), by Aaron Heckler (2018-07)

“Membership Modernization” (1.5MB), by Scott English, APS Executive Directive (2018-03)

“The Overrun Countries Series 1943-1944, Under The Printer’s Loupe – Part I” (7MB), by Hal Klein (2018-02)

“The Providence, R.I. Pre-Mailing Control Marking on the U.S. 3 Cent 1851-57 Stamp” (3MB), by Charles J. DiComo, PhD (2017-06 @Reading)

“The Presidential Issue of 1938, A Look at Rates & Usages” (55MB), by Hal Klein (2017-02)

“The U.S. Postal Transportation Issue, 1981-1995” (16MB), by Hal Klein (2016-10)

“International Philatelic Expos in the U.S.: Part 1” (3MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2016-06)

“German History & Culture as Seen Through its Postage Stamps” (6MB), by David Hunt (2016-05)

“The Providence, RI Control Mark on the U.S. 3 Cent 1851-57 Stamp” (7MB), by Dr. Charles J. DiComo (2016-04)

“FDR: The Stamp Collecting President” (7MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2015-06)

“The Line Engraved Stamps of Queen Victoria” (3MB), by David Hunt (2015-09)

“A Philatelic Sampling of the Great War: Stamps, Postal History, & Ephemera” (8MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2014-08)

“Collecting Postcards of The Great War” (12MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2012-05)

“Collecting Postcards of The Great War” (60m), by Dr. Paul Petersen, filmed at East Coast Branch of Western Front Association at York Historical Association (2012-05)

“Errors, Freaks & Oddities” (4MB), by David Hunt (2011-07)

“King George V And the Royal Collection” (3MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2010-10)

“War Tax Stamps” (0.5MB), by Dr. Paul Petersen (2009-11)

“Washington-Franklin Head Issue, Special 100th Anniversary Tribute” (2MB), by Lou DiFelice (2009-10)

“Stained Glass on Stamps” (9MB), by David Hunt (200x-xx)

“Canada RPOs (Railway Post Offices)” (2MB), by Richard Colberg (200x-xx)

Chester County Historical Society Philatelic Lecture Series Archive

From December 2017 through April 2018, the Chester County Historical Society held a seminal Philatelic Lecture Series called “You’ve Got Mail” in West Chester, PA. This was made possible by our friend Bill Schultz, longtime Exhibitor, Accredited APS Judge and Board member of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. Admission was free for all lecture attendees and all lectures were underwritten by generous donations from the philatelic community.

The speakers, preeminent philatelists, postal historians and award-winning exhibitors, are listed in the CCHS Lecture Series Handout. We are immensely grateful to the speakers who kindly permitted us to share their presentation on our website. Please note the contents remain the property of the author.

“History of Philadelphia as a Postal Center” (4MB), by Dr. John Barwis (2018-04)

“United States Mails: Its First 80 Years Without Stamps” (2MB), by Robert G. Rose, Esq. (2018-03)

“Canada / British North American (BNA) – Union and Confederate Postal Correspondence During the U.S.Civil War (1861-1865) (12MB), by Ronald Majors, PhD (2018-03)

“Early Mail and Stampless Letter Postal Markings of Sweden (2.0MB) and Script, (2MB) by Alan Warren (2018-02)

“Doctor Benjamin Franklin reviews the American Post Office” or “Postal History as a Primary Source: America Begins 1675-1782” (14MB), by Dr. Timothy O’Connor (2018-01)

“You’ve Got Mail! You’ve Got – A Package!” (10MB), by Robert G. Rufe (2017-12)

On 20 March, 2018 Scott Tiffney wrote an excellent article in the PLR Blog, a companion to the Philatelic Literature Review, quarterly journal of the American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) on this lecture series and exhibition, entitled “Postal History: Alive and Well in West Chester, PA”. Click HERE for the full article – Enjoy!