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LANCOPEX Photo Journal

This page houses images from our annual LANCOPEX Stamp Show & Exhibition through the years. If you have digital images/photographs to contribute, please email Dr. Charles J. DiComo at

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2018 33rd Annual LANCOPEX Stamp Show
Well LANCOPEX is behind us and what a success it was. We are looking forward to the 34th in 2019. On behalf of the Officers, Board and Show Committee, we want to say “Thank You” to our 40+ volunteers! We could not have done it without you. Revisit LANCOPEX 2018 via the images below.

2018 33rd Annual LANCOPEX Exhibition & Exhibitors
The Stamp Show would not be the same without our members taking the time to prepare pages to display of their favorite stamps, covers, topicals, ephemera, and postal history. This year was no exception as we had 20 frames covering a broad array of topics, e.g.: U.S. Olympics; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Airmail Week 1938; Pennsylvania Railroad 1855-1945; Mexican “Exporta” Series; Silent Precancels; Skymaster Airmail Issue; 1846 Mexican-American War; 1838 Aroostook War; and Stampless Transatlantic Letters passing through NYC 1834-1844. We hope that next year more of your will share your collecting areas with our members and guests. Revisit the Exhibition via the images below.

2018 33rd Annual LANCOPEX Stamp Show Set-Up
Did you ever wonder what it takes to set up for our two day Stamp Show and Exhibition? It takes many volunteers, some pictured here, to transform the Lancaster Farm & Home Center. On behalf of the Officers, Board and Show Committee, we want to say Thank You! We could not have done it without you.

2017 32nd Annual LANCOPEX Stamp Show & Exhibition
Now that The 32nd LANCOPEX 2017 Stamp Show is behind us, we are looking forward to the 33rd LANCOPEX Stamp Show in 2018. More details shall follow soon. And to our PSLC members: On behalf of the Lancopex Manpower Committee, Bill and Paul want to give you a great big thanks, a shout-out from the rooftops. The number of volunteers say it all – with forty of you working the show in myriad capacities, some in several ways and/or several time slots. Some of you were there from sundown Thursday through sundown Saturday. We could not have done it without you. This is why APS sees the PSLC as a great affiliate.

These numbers assure the longevity of our Lancaster club with a deep well (or a deep bench if you are a sports enthusiast). Shows have folded with the retirement of death of the “stamp show committee,” but with PSLC, each of you stepped up so that someone did not have to do it all. With your work, vision, and enthusiasm, LANCOPEX will thrive for many years to come. The U.S.P.S. is back on board (even the postmaster stopped by-his second year!), there is a waiting list of dealers-some of them young; Dr. DiComo’s revised website and Facebook page have attracted many, the food was great-as always, and the dealers left happy. We’ll have more of the data in the June newsletter. It does not get any better than that.

1999 14th Annual LANCOPEX Stamp Show & Exhibition
Some great photos from the Society archive, club members and volunteers at a LANCOPEX preparation meeting creating cachets, stamping postcards for mass mailing, etc. From the look of it, all are having a great time.

1999 LANCOPEX Prep Meeting
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