Officers & Board

Philatelic Society of Lancaster County

The James Buchanan Chapter #173 of the American Philatelic Society
Chapter 118 of the American Topical Association

Officers, Committee Chairs and Board of Directors

As per the Society By-Laws, elected officers shall consist of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, the President shall appoint chairpersons to operate the following standing committees: Program, Membership & Hospitality, Newsletter, and Publicity. These nine persons will make up the Board of Directors. In addition, the Immediate Past President will serve as advisor to the Board without voting rights at Board meetings.

2018 PSLC Officers


President: Dr. Charles J. DiComo
1st Vice President: John Hostetter
2nd Vice President: William Greiner, III
Secretary: Diane Meek
Treasurer: Lou DiFelice

Committee Chairs

LANCOPEX Chairpersons: Lou DiFelice & Dick Shaefer
Auction Chairpersons: Lou DiFelice & Dick Shaefer
Membership Chair: Barbara Buchanan
ATA Representative: Lucy Eyster
PSLC Newsletter Editor, Programs & APS Representative: Dr. Paul Petersen
Publicity Chair: Len Kasper
USPOD Liaison: Diane Meek
Web Programmer & Designer Chair: Dr. Charles J. DiComo
Immediate Past President: Doug Milliken

Board of Directors 2019

Dr. Charles J. DiComo, John Hostetter, William Greiner, III, Diane Meek, Lou DiFelice, Barbara Buchanan, Dr. Paul Petersen, Len Kasper, Dick Shaefer (Emeritus Advisor), Doug Milliken (ex officio Advisor)

If you are interested in getting involved in Society operations, please contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo – we would love to have you join the team!

Meeting Agenda (typical, incl. Presentation)

  • President, Call to Order (If Guest Speaker, introduce, present, Q&A, then business portion)
  • Recognize & Welcome Guests
  • Treasurer’s Report – Motion to Approve
  • Secretary’s Report – Motion to Approve
  • Consideration of Old Business
  • Consideration of New Business
  • President’s Agenda Presentation
  • Vice President’s Report
  • Website & Facebook Report
  • Members Session – Open to Floor for discussion
  • Door Prizes & Raffle
  • Intermission / Snack / Break
  • Presentation of Scheduled Program (Internal Speaker or Auction)
  • Adjournment of Meeting

  Society By-Laws, Rev. 25, January 2015

From the Archives

A recently discovered PSLC Revised By-Laws booklet, adopted at the October meeting in 1962.

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