Officers & Board

Philatelic Society of Lancaster County

The James Buchanan Chapter #173 of the American Philatelic Society
Chapter 118 of the American Topical Association

Officers, Committee Chairs and Board of Directors

As per the Society By-Laws, elected officers shall consist of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, the President shall appoint chairpersons to operate the following standing committees: Program, Membership & Hospitality, Newsletter, and Publicity. These nine persons will make up the Board of Directors. In addition, the Immediate Past President will serve as advisor to the Board without voting rights at Board meetings.

2018 PSLC Officers

Officers (2nd Term)

President: Dr. Charles J. DiComo
1st Vice President: John Hostetter
2nd Vice President: William Greiner, III
Secretary: Diane Meek
Treasurer: Lou DiFelice

Committee Chairs

LANCOPEX Chairpersons: Lou DiFelice & Dick Shaefer
Auction Chairpersons: Lou DiFelice & Dick Shaefer
Membership Chair: Barbara Buchanan
ATA Representative: Lucy Eyster
PSLC Newsletter Editor, Programs & APS Representative: Paul Petersen
Publicity Chair: Len Kasper
U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Liaison: Diane Meek
Web Programmer & Designer Chair: Dr. Charles J. DiComo
Immediate Past President: Doug Milliken

Board of Directors 2019

Dr. Charles J. DiComo, John Hostetter, William Greiner, III, Diane Meek, Lou DiFelice, Barbara Buchanan, Dr. Paul Petersen, Len Kasper, Dick Shaefer (Emeritus Advisor), Doug Milliken (ex officio Advisor)

If you are interested in getting involved in Society operations, please contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo – we would love to have you join the team!

Meeting Agenda

  • President, Call to Order
  • Recognize & Welcome Guests
  • Guest Speaker Introduction, Presentation/Lecture/Q&A
  • Treasurer’s Report – Motion to Approve
  • Secretary’s Report – Motion to Approve
  • Consideration of Old & New Business
  • President’s Agenda Presentation
  • Vice President’s Report
  • Social Media Report (Website, Facebook, etc.)
  • Members Session – Open to Floor for discussion
  • Door Prizes & 50-50 Raffle
  • Intermission / Snack / Break
  • Presentation of Scheduled Program (Internal Speaker or Auction)
  • Adjournment of Meeting

Past Presidents

The following is a partial list of the Society’s past Presidents. If you have more info, contact Dr. Charles J. DiComo.

2025   1991 Richard Shaefer 1957  
2024   1990 Richard Shaefer 1956  
2023   1989 Richard Shaefer 1955  
2022   1988 Richard Shaefer 1954  
2021   1987 James G. Boyles 1953  
2020   1986 James G. Boyles 1952  
2019 Dr. Charles J. DiComo 1985 James G. Boyles 1951  
2018 Dr. Charles J. DiComo 1984 James G. Boyles 1950 Robert R. Maxwell
2017 Doug Milliken 1983 James G. Boyles 1949  
2016 Hal Klein 1982 James G. Boyles 1948  
2015 William Greiner, III 1981   1947  
2014 Len Kasper 1980   1946  
2013 Robert D. Noble 1979   1945  
2012 Bob Epler 1978   1944  
2011 John M. Bray 1977   1943  
2010 John R. Ahlfeld 1976   1942  
2009 William P. Snyder 1975   1941  
2008 Eleanor Wheeler 1974   1940  
2007 Robert D. Noble 1973   1939 Mr. Meckel
2006 Lou DiFelice 1972   1938 E.F. Evans
2005 Al Schaub 1971   1937 Reverend C.E. Berghaus
2004 Marilyn Shirley 1970   1936 Thomas A. Keller
2003 Paul Petersen 1969 Milton Brown 1935  
2002 James G. Boyles 1968   1934 Edgar W. Worrest
2001 Richard Shaefer 1967   1933  
2000 Peter S. Billis 1966   1932  
1999 William Greiner, II 1965   1931  
1998 Marilyn Shirley 1964   1930  
1997 Lucy Eyster 1963   1929 Rev. M.J. Hoeppner
1996 Peter S. Billis 1962   1928  
1995 Mike Shirley 1961   1927  
1994 William Greiner, II 1960   1926  
1993 Dan Anspach 1959   1925  
1992 Leslie Botte 1958   1924  

  Society By-Laws, Rev. 25, January 2015

From the Archives

The Philatelic Society of Lancaster County (PSLC) Revised By-Laws booklet, along with amendment to Article II, Section 3, all adopted at the October meeting in 1962.

Member Spotlight

Charles J. DiComo, PhD

Charles is a life-long philatelist and quite active in the philatelic community. In addition to his roles at the PSLC, he is a Life Member of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of The Chairman’s Chatter, Editorial Proofreader for The Chronicle, and Webmaster. He is also the President and Webmaster for the Empire State Postal History Society and served for 9 years on the Council of Philatelists at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum. Finally, he is a Charter member of The Philatelic Gathering, whose mission is to share their love of philately with others.

He maintains active memberships in the American Philatelic Society (30+ yrs.), British North American Philatelic Society (20+ yrs.), Pennsylvania Postal History Society; and the Society of Paper Money Collectors. He has also held memberships in the Collectors Club of NY, the Carriers & Locals Society, the Postal History Society, and U.S. Stamp Society – to name a few.

Charles holds a PhD in Genetics and is an Executive at WellSpan Health, an 8 hospital, 19,000 employees, integrated health system in south-central Pennsylvania. He lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife of 20+ years and their two daughters. (P11DB) .

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